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Link "My Settings" does not work

Mario van Ginneken

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Recently I took over administration of an Invision based slot race forum: http://www.slottrack.com

It is the first Invision forum I manage, so there are a few questions that popped up :lol:

Since forever we have the problem that the link "My Settings" does not work from the "Username" pull down menu. All users have this problem, so it's software based. Users can get to their settings by choosing "My Profile" (that does work), but not straight from the My Settings menu.

The previous administrator does not know what caused this error, but I think something went wrong with an update or something.

Is there a way to solve this?

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I'm afraid the forum you posted in is a feedback forum designed to allow suggestions for our software to be posted. You can post technical support topics in this forum with an active software license, or you can submit technical support tickets in the client center with an active support license. Your account is not currently showing as having an active license, so I recommend contacting the person that transferred the site to you to help you get set up.

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