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We've developed an in-house solution for a topic solved mod, and are currently running that on 3.3.4. We'd like to switch over to the new version found in 3.4, however we have some suggestions to hopefully improve it:

  1. Consistently display whether or not a topic is solved. Currently, it appears that "Answered" only shows up on the forum listing. View new content, Find Content (from a profile) and the search results are just a few places where it would be helpful for this prefix to appear but currently does not.
  2. Similarly, having filter options to show only solved topics in those places would help. A lot of the times our members will just hit "View New Content" and ignore the solved topics. Without this, they could be clicking into solved topics, thus wasting their time.
  3. A notification on fast / full reply stating that "This topic is marked as solved and may not need further replies", or something similar. Design would be essentially the same as the "This post requires a moderator to approve it...."
  4. A +1 for this thread's suggestion, of having how many topics this user contributed to solving. Even if it doesn't play into the reputation system, it'd still be nice to see how many answers a user contributed.

All of these I believe can be added with hooks (and maybe some minor skin edits) and we'll likely create them for 3.4. However, it'd be great to see some of these items added in by default.

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