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Ability to see your own post while it's in mod queue

Brett L

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I know there is a popup that says something along the lines of "your post has been submitted for moderator review". However, I want to ability to physically be able to see my own entire post, edit it, make changes, what-have-you.

I tend to be the kind of person who types the post up, click reply then goes back and proofread.

Not to mention the countless times where I post in a thread go back 5 minutes later and can't remember whether I ever actually clicked submit.

Yes, I'm dumb. Please cater to my stupidity. :)

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Not only agree, but think it should be globally applicable... it is annoying that some IPS apps support this while most do not.

As well as the above reasons, from a UI perspective it simply makes no sense, and as a result requiring approval currently overly complicates many application's submission flows.

Unapproved/hidden items 'owned' by the currently logged-in member should be visible for that member.

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