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Suggestion: Consistency for "RSS Feed" Settings

Joel R

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I recently started looking into the RSS Feed settings for my website (which includes IP.Board, Blog, Gallery, Downloads and Content) and I'd like to suggest that, in future versions, there shall be consistency in presentation and location for RSS Feeds.

For example, right now:

  • IP.Board has a very clear and separate tab entitled "RSS Management" that enables you to create new feeds. By default, 0 feeds are existing.
  • IP.Content buries the RSS settings inside the "editing categories" of individual categories. By default, 20 articles are included in the RSS feed.
  • IP.Blog mixes the RSS settings inside the "blog feature setting" of the blog settings
  • IP.Gallery includes the RSS settings inside the "gallery online/offline" of the overall gallery settings

The settings for RSS feed are very inconsistent across each of the applications. Even worse, for Content, Blog, and Gallery, the RSS settings are intermixed with irrelevant settings. Although the settings for RSS feeds are *sufficient* it's done so in a very haphazard manner.

Perhaps a short-term solution would be to break out the RSS Settings into, at the minimum, their own unique section. This would give credence to a more long-term view of constructing a consistent and uniform procedure for RSS Settings across all IP.Apps.


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I /second Terabyte's idea to break out ALL RSS feeds into a separate application. Or another option would be to place them under ACP > System Settings.

In any case, one destination to control and manage RSS feeds across your website and applications would be very welcome.

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