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No support on 3.2 with paid liscense?


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Ok so i have a weird issue on my forums with certain membergroups permissions. Basically the groups permissions unchecked themselves for certain forums and apps, now as much as i add the permissions back they will not stickand just revert back to the broken state.

So i contacted IPB for help and the repsonse i got was :


I notice that you're running IP.Board 3.2.2. This version of IP.Board is quite old and in order to rule out any issues which have been fixed in the latest versions, I'd like to get your site upgraded to IP.Board 3.3.4.

The actual version im on is 3.2.3,

Lets suppose i dont want to upgrade my boards yet for my own reasons to 3.3.4 , does that mean that i cant get support on my current version?

The board has been working fine for a long time and now i have this weird issue, but i cant get help unless i agree to upgrade?

To upgrade means i have to pay to get certain mods upgraded also, as well as that also my skin would need upgrade as well as downtime.

I have provisions in place for a new theme for 3.4 , and i will schedule downtime to upgrade for that.

My question is why i cant get support for my site on its current version.

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We still support 3.2 at this time however some issues may be bugs in those older versions. Often the answer to a support question may simply be "upgrade and that will fix it."

At this time upgrading isnt the best option for me.

I did specify this in my responses that have been met with silence..

Please close this topic...

I will continue to seek support.

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