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Calendar URLs not all friendly


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I posted about this here http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/371596-some-furls-in-calendar-not-working/ but got no replies. Looking at other calendars, I see they have the same thing. My calendar app is the latest v.3.3.2.

If I hover over, say, the "Month" button, the URL shows correctly as a friendly URL in the browser status bar but doesn't show correctly in the URL bar once you click on it.

Is this a bug?

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I have got the redirect on and have the .htaccess file too. If I didn't have it set, surely it wouldn't it the correct friendly URL when hovering over the button? :smile:

Everything else on the forum is correct except for certain parts of the calendar, mainly only when clicking the buttons for "Day" and "Month" view. If I go to the buttons for "next" day/month, the URL is the correct friendly one.

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