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Forum topic pagination URL's compared


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As we all know, the URL structure of a forum topic is important for seo reasons. Therefore I compared the forum topic pagination URL's from the top forum software companies. I noticed that IP.Board pagination URL's are the longest.

Which pagination URL's do you think are best for seo purposes?

1. IP.Board example URL


2. XF example URL


3. VB example URL



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The vast majority of end users care what's in the browser viewer area, not what's in the address bar.

Not correct at all. Within my 15 year forum administrator experience , it is pretty clear that cleaner URL has many additional advantages. Users can remember and share pages easily. For a multi page thread , they know what to add on the end of the url etc.. so typing is way easier .

You should always remember this :

Even the smallest improvement for User Experience is a major improvement for your website.

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