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Suggestion: "Mark All Read" in View New Content

Joel R

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Suggestion on IP.Board: when a person opens up View New Content, there should perhaps be a button (preferably in upper right hand corner for easy access) to "Mark Community Read." To me, this would be an appropriate and intuitive place to offer such an option.

Hopefully this will also be a relatively simple suggestion, given that IPB already offer the "Mark Community Read" option at the bottom of every page.

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:smile: That's a pretty good reason why they won't do it actually. :smile:

You can click that at the bottom of every page... Also, there is an option to mark a topic read from the topic preview...

So I certainly don't *mind* having the button placed there at the bottom, and IPS can keep it there. But I also don't think it's a bad idea to add a "Mark All As Read" within the "View New Content" page.

Just because something exists in its current form doesn't mean that it exists in its optimal form, if that makes sense. (Insert joke about IP.Mobile here :rofl: )

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