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I went to work on this, but honestly...what is missing? For instance, what is there to say about the default value option? Under the field it says "Default field value" and that's all the setting is - the default value for the field. It's hard to clarify that further.

Under the truncation field it says "Number of characters to truncate field content at in listing template. Use 0 to not truncate.". Is there something unclear about that?

Same with the other options.

I'm happy to document items that need to be documented because you can't explain them in the software clearly or completely, but the things you are talking about are spelled out right on the add/edit field screen already, so I'm not sure what else to really say about them?

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Think of it from the 'new docs' POV(grouping of subjects by how to do x), this is not the user that knows that truncation, or x is located there. This is the user asking the most common questions:

"How do i stop this truncation?"

"How do i setup a default value?"

"How do I add x field to my posted topics?"

"How do i stop x data from displaying at x database level?"

To many new users, fields is the last place to look for this functionality, if they do look here without guidance.

It is all quite clear to us, but it continues to be the single area leaves many clueless and many support topics, hence my asking for new-user fields docs on common functions of fields.

As an example, raise your hand if you have at some single point using content, skinned the template to remove a field from listing or display, not realizing there is a field setting for that.

Hand Raised. Know better now, but even I have made that mistake once.

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