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Bulk email intuitiveness problem

Ryan Williams

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Hi guys,

This isn't an issue people are likely to encounter often, but when they do it really matters — like when I was just emailing all 6000 of my members.

When you initiate a bulk email, it of course shows in the list as 'sending' and tells you how many it's sent to. While it's doing this, the 'edit' link is still visible and lo and behold if you click it you can adjust the content of the email, then save it again. During this process there is no mention made that saving it will start the whole dispatching process again, so I thought I could get away with making a quick correction while it'd only sent to ~100 people so most would see the corrected version.

Did that happen? Of course not. Instead it just started the whole process again without warning and people ended up getting two emails.

No community owner wants to abuse their members' willingness to receive emails by doing this kind of thing, so it'd be really to at the very least have a 'are you sure?' prompt when restarting the process, or even better would be to make it so editing the email simply affects future recipients (this could be made clear with a small note).

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