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jump link to latest non-read comment


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I have brought this up before and I would offer it again as a suggestion:

add the same jump link feature functionality that you have for forum posts to the latest non-read comment for a blog entry when you click on the instant notification when a new comment has been made

I am following Lindy's blog entry on Mobile App Status and there were 2 notifications on my IPS profile. I clicked on the most recent and the link took me to the blog entry itself and not to Wolfie's comment. Instead, I had to scroll down. Not a big deal for the first page but I imagine this blog entry will receive a lot of comments before the week is over and each time, I will be directed to the blog entry and then I will have to scroll down to see the latest comments and/or jump to the next page to find it ....

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Okay, so now we are up to three pages of comments on Lindy's blog entry, Mobile Apps Status, and I am following the entry and therefore receiving notifications.

Every single time I click the notification, I am taken to Lindy's original blog entry.

Then ..........

I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page,

then ..........

I have to click on the last numbered page to appear

then .........

I have to scroll all the way down to see the latest comment

and this action sequence is useful, efficient, and productive to the IPS community, and the IPS employees how?????????????????????


Please consider fixing this!!!!

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I've moved this to IP.Board feedback as commenting is a core extension. Currently there is provision to provide a url to the item but not to the comment itself. This is mirrored across all apps and is not blog specific.

fwiw I agree that the notification subject should contain links to both with "new comment" linking to the latest unread entry.

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here is a twist on possible feature or improvement on commenting ... maybe just for blogs:

when you click on a blog entry, the default sideblocks include 'recent comments' ... but those show only one comment for each recent blog entry.

why not change the recent comments sideblock that is displayed for a blog entry ... to show the 5 most recent comments for this particular blog entry so that way people can jump to the latest comments, read them, quote them, and add to the discussion.

[edit: just noticed the link to a recent comment only takes you to the beginning of the commenting section of the blog entry]

so in summary, you would have two recent comments sideblocks, one for the dashboard and another for a blog entry.

also, I find if you click on the recent comment for a blog entry, it doesn't take me to the most recent comment but rather to the beginning of the blog entry ... but why does it do that when it shows the member userid of the most recent commenter ... and unfortunately he/she is not the most recent commenter either, ... it is a comment made several before the most recent. why is that?

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