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[IF] IPB Shoutbox

Pete T

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[IF] IPB Shoutbox

File name: [IF] IPB Shoutbox
Submitter: Pete T
Submitted: 10/22/2012
Category: Utilities
Demo :
Discussion URL :
Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.4.x,IP.Blog 2.5.x,IP.Blog 2.6.x,IP.Board 3.2.x,IP.Board 3.3.x,IP.Board 3.4.x,IP.Calendar 3.2.x,IP.Calendar 3.3.x
Support Info : http://invisionfocus.com/support/

Shoutbox is a feature-rich Shoutbox system for your IP.Board. Shoutbox will enable your users to send shouts to each other and allow others can read them. Your very own micro-blogging system, without the need for Java, Flash or any other browser dependency!
IP.Board 3.4.x - Yes
IP.Board 3.3.x - Yes

Please note: Will need be signup for any support and all update files will be posted here at IPS and Invision Focus.

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purchased, will upgrade tomorrow and if any issues will report.

Thanks would be very interested to hear if I cooked the beta properly lots of changes already sweat.gif

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The sound notification thing didn't work, but it installed cleanly (on 3.3.4) with none of the driver errors. If you want ACP access to check it out yourself, that's fine just PM me.

Would need ACP & FTP to have a gander

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FURL Cache Out of Date:

The rule definitions for the Shoutbox application may be out of date

That is what I got in acp after installing, however, when I went to furltemplates..I didn't see anything that stood out to be updated or adjusted.

I think because of this, I am not noticing any of the new additions.

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how do I test the sounds? and when you view the archive a youtube video was included messes up the pop up window.

Umm how about disabling video embedding in SB?

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that could be a way to have it disabled in popup window only but really you could figure out how to fix the popup windows whenever a video is included.

The control of BBCode is up to ipBoard as I said somewhere else I am not replicating the code included and available in the core. Anyway Shoutbox is not a media player.

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What? Your charging for Shoutbox sad.png I can understand why your charging for this, but why have the price so damn high. Many of us like me rely on shoutbox for instant messaging on our websites, and I can not even afford the $12.50 offer you have going right now. Personally, I'd lower it to $6 with $6 annual renewal, if I had taken this application over and decided to charge (Which I wouldn't of) that's what I would of charged.

Never mind, just noticed you still have a free version as well. I should really learn not to jump the gun sometimes :(

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can verify that works well.

have not had a chance to upgrade yet grr sad.png

Thank you for that so the coder can understand better so I say hmm I did pay for this product. I think they should support it like a feature to disable youtube video (bbcode) in the shoutbox because they didn't tell me how yet?

by The Heff on 15 October 2012 - 04:22 AM said:

I'm sure you can...

Post Content > BBCode Management

Edit the Media BBCode.

There's a multiple selection box titled "Where can the BBCode be used?". Deselect Shoutbox?

wheres that as I'm looking at System Settings -> Forums -> Topics, Posts and Polls

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coder CAN"T make this happen, its a board issue.

go to acp-look and feel-post content- bbcode stuff is there

thanks for telling me where and how is it a board issue that shoutbox does not have the option to hide youtube video in their popup window of shoutbox?

Look & Feel -> Post Content -> BBCode Management -> Media I don't see a option to disable the video in shoutbox's popup window.

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