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Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

Adriano Faria

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Links Directory

Links Directory, formally IP.Links, is an application developed for the popular IP.Board software. This application is fully integrated with IP.Board, providing your community with a member driven web directory. Allow members to submit websites for approval in categories you define. Comment and rate on other member’s submissions. Mark websites as official affiliates, fostering traffic between friends.


  • Each Purchase entitles you to use of Links on one Board installation.
  • Do not PM me with issues, unless I directly ask you to.


  • Submit links to websites along with a title, description, and an image generated from an extensible API.
  • Image API currently features a choice of Upload, URL to Image cached locally, Thumbshots with optional local caching, and Webthumbnail with optional local caching. The ability to remove local cached images en-masse or by category is available.
  • Images will be re-sized dynamically to fit dimension settings if they exceed them.
  • Comment on and rate submitted links
  • Ability for users to report potentially offensive content or broken links using the built-in Report Center
  • Search integration: search links along with the rest of your board’s content
  • Supports item marking, allowing your users to see what links have been added or commented on
  • Integrates into “View New Content”.
  • Drag & drop reordering of categories in the ACP
  • Ability to specify which categories, if any, allow image generation with it’s links
  • Rate links using the star rating system used throughout IPB
  • Supports the built-in tagging system including prefixes, with per-category customization
  • Support for notifications such as comments on user links, new news, link approvals and rejections, and more.
  • Repeatedly load an additional page worth of links via AJAX
  • Ability to follow/like categories and individual links
  • Provide “link back” images and code so other websites can link back to yours
  • Mark links as official affiliates and display them in a different section on the links index
  • Group permissions allowing you to specify who can moderate links, moderate comments, search links, and more.
  • Per-category Permissions allowing you to specify which permission sets are allowed to view category, view links, add links, edit links, comment, rate, and avoid moderation at a granular level.
  • Require moderation of link and/or comment submissions per category.
  • Specify which BBCodes are allowed in the link descriptions and their comments.
  • Multi moderation: Mass move, approve/unapprove, pin/unpin links
  • Robust Admin Restrictions.
  • Call up links for display with a template tag with ease.
  • Configure the Links Index Page however you please via hook arrangement.
  • Mobile Skin Support.
  • Much, much, more…

Roadmap(AKA Planned Features)

  • Sphinx Support
  • Content Feed
  • Warnings
  • Custom Fields

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Just upgraded 4.0.0 to 4.0.1, all appeared to go well but I now receive an error.

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(1755) : eval()'d code on line 1868

I can navigate through until I come to a link, but can get no further.

The error logs don't show anything.

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is the Send PM's from supposed to autofill the name as you type it like other apps?

if yes I may have found a bug, if no then it all works as planned smile.png


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Could Marcher be allowed to continue development beyond just bug fixes if you have other projects ongoing?

Bob works under contract I can only afford to pay him when there is money in the kitty. Links has cost me serious money already.

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Your hook (latest links - sidebar) doesn't have all of the member data to be compatible with other apps / hooks.

{parse template="userHoverCard" group="global" params="IPSMember::load($link['member_id'])"}

That exact code I can say with certainty, is nowhere to be found in the app.

I found one such IPSMember call in the category listing, pulled it, and cleaned up class Links in regards to providing the data outside the template and active users(using the session api for consistency), but that code ^ is literally nowhere to be found in the app templates, and buildDisplayData is in fact used.

Also, please use the tracker >.>

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Let me clear this up... The hookLatestLinks template calls the hovercard and gives params="$link"... Problem is $link doesn't include all of the member data... i.e. (TB) Group Format wasn't applying the format to the user with the hovercard call as it does on every other call of the hovercard... I added in the IPSMember::load() call to the params so the hovercard template had all of the information needed to properly format the name... Feel free to post it in the tracker. I don't have any of JLogica's apps...

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pushed a patched build to j, this had basically *always* been an issue, just happened to be found.

As a note, as only the the Latest Links shows that information hook-wise, that is the only place that data will be readily available, if you are waving about adding such links and user information in other hooks templates, tis on you to go get it.

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