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Please see this: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/wrong-fb-meta-tag-r39473

Not sure how it can be a bug in IP.Content but not a bug in IP.Board but...

when we share an IP.Board topic to Facebook the meta-image is used by default. We have the option of uploading our own meta-image to replace the default IP.Board one, but we are restricted to 'sharing' that same image every time we share a topic with Facebook.

If we share topics regularly, every FB post looks the same (ie that same old meta-image littered all over the FB timeline). Consequently, people eventually see right past it. It doesn't catch the eye because it just becomes visual spam if it's seen too frequently. People won't click the FB link to your board and you lose potential visits/new members.

What I believe should be happening is, if a topic contains one or more attached images, we should be able to select an image thumbnail to use on the FB share.

I regularly visit other sites and share pages with FB. Some pages with heavy graphic content might offer a choice of 20 - 30 thumbnails. IP.Board just has the meta-image.

We're missing a trick here.

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Here's another thing...

Why do we only have a Facebook 'like' button? Shouldn't we be able to share without declaring we 'like' something? Take any news story found at news.bbc.co.uk for example. I can share a story with FB without stating I 'like' it.

This. if it is a share link, it should share, FB gives said option. what it(the IPB FB share link) does now is akin to clicking the post icon immediately 'liking' the post.

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First, do this. You may even want to stop at that point.

Then sign up with AddThis and choose the buttons you want; when you have them, copy and paste the code they provide you with into the Global Templates > shareLinks template for your skin. I remove all code in this template apart from the first two lines and last line (i.e. the parse code and the if block).

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