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Suggestion: Add Google search as a core option of forum search


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Suggestion is simple, please somehow incorporate google search in IP.Board.

I know there is a mod that does that but honestly I believe IPS could come up with something more than a popup.

Just giving a rough idea here. Others can post their suggestions as well.

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Problems with using Google search:

  • If a string is anywhere on the page (not just in the content posted) it would be returned. For instance, searching 'logo' would return every single page, because the string is used on every page in the logo image alt tag (last I recall at least, but it's a generic example anyways).
  • Google search is unable to search content it can't see. You'd not be able to search in moderator or admin forums, hidden categories in other apps, etc.
  • You can't use meta-data filters. e.g. not filtering by category, or searching for something and specifying who was the author.
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