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(TZ33) Add background


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Just wanted to add the the color options aren't limited to hexacode. For example, I can type in colors like this, therefore adding some transparency to the background: rgba(187, 241, 255, 0.1)


I had to change the actual text font color, which changed to green for some reason, but after changing it I got this as an output:


You can see how transparency was incorporated into the color.

As a small note though, you misspelled 'author' in the prompt menu.

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a color selector in the CK editor would be nice (in the popup)

In the meantime you can edit the XML file on line 18:

      <bbcode_menu_option_text><![CDATA[background&#39;s colour ( #EDEDED )]]></bbcode_menu_option_text>

Adding a suggestion to enter colors like green, blue, etc.

Edit: You can't put a '#' before a simple color name.

Edit2: I would change the recommendation to black since the other simple colors make terrible backgrounds.

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