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[Feature request] Enhancing the use of like / reputation data


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Hi there,

The like / reputation system is very nice and friendly. It adds a real "plus" to the board, and members are really pleased to use it.

However, I think the use of all the data produced by this system is only used at 1% of its capacities :

- there is a list of all time popular messages at the bottom of the board index,

- on each member's profile, there's a list of given and received reputation.

And that's it. Too bad!

The reputation system is fun, and my members are asking me much more information concerning the reputation they received or gave.

So, I suggest several enhancements:

  • On each post

As it's the case on YouTube, instead of only displaying the total reputation received on a message, add a small bar with the number of positive and negative points received.

Why that? Because a post with a reputation of 10 could have had 10 positive points, or 1300 positive and 1290 negative. And in a case or in the other, this is a whole different story.

  • On the board index

Dramatically enhance the most popular messages list: add the ability to choose forum posts / blogs entries / gallery images.

Add time restrictions : 24 last hours / last week / last month / last year / all time list.

  • On members' profiles

There is a lot of interesting things to do here.

On the reputation tab, add the list of people who gave the most positive points, ordered by number (descending).

For instance : on my profile, i'd like to see :

- Member A gave me 28 rep_up.png

- Member B gave me 24 rep_up.png

- Member C gave me 17 rep_up.png

- ... and so on.

... and the same with the negative points.

Even further, i'd like to see such a list with the summed up points. For instance :

- Member A gave me a reputation total of 4 rep_up.png

- Member B gave me a reputation total of 1 rep_up.png

- Member C gave me a reputation total of 2 rep_down.png

- Member C gave me a reputation total of 5 rep_down.png

- ... and so on.

  • ... one more thing...

The total number of likes and reputation points is a good way to know if a member is a good one.

But an extraordinary member, who joined only 2 month ago, can't compete with an old regular who joined 7 years ago.

The first one would have, for instance, 84 reputation points for 40 messages, as the second one would have 1500 reputation points for 3000 messages.

So, a better indicator than the total of points could be the ratio "points divided by number of messages".

In our example, the first member would have 84 / 40 = 2.1 points / message.

The second one would have : 1500 / 3000 = 0.5 point / message.

It means that the new member is really helping the community, even if he only joined recently.

That ratio, that works well with both the "likes" and "reputation" systems, could then replace the total of points in the user info panel, next to the posts in the board.

What do you think of that ?

Thanks for reading :)

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What if a member has thousands of posts that were created prior to the reputation system being introduced?

Our approach takes rep a bit further if you want some additional inspiration:




Yeah, the members' profiles should indeed display much more information - but not necessarily like you did.

Concerning the posts created prior to the reputation system, let's say the ratio calculation would use a cut-off date :)

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  • 1 month later...

Hi again,

I tried to enhance the Reputation tab on members' profiles :


You can see that on a given type of reputation (given or received), there is a sum of all the member's points :


The pagination is made of ajax, so you can see the whole list of reputation points.

That could be very interesting to have that integrated natively to IP.Board, and of course, in a better way (I did my best).

A lot of things could be done with the reputation data (as I said in my original post in that topic), and that's only one example.

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LaCollision, nice. Have you styled the website yourself? Who has written additional modules?

Hi, sorry I hadn't seen your post :)

Thanks ; I styled the website myself, with a pretty tight integration between the website and the board. For instance: the member module (on the top right when you're connected) is present all over the board, and a lot of things like that.

I also use the board for my news/articles/videos comments.

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