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Safari (Mac) browser problems


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I noticed some problems at a board I visit many times a day. At least a week ago, several buttons and functions stopped working and those that did opened site pages differently than before. I asked our Admins if the IP software had been updated and was informed that no changes had been made in a long time.

Some further investigation determined that the behaviors I was seeing was only with Safari 6.0.1. I used Foxfire 15+ and everything worked normally. I started a thread at that site and found that others were seeing the same abnormal behaviors, again, with Safari. Some of the behaviors are consistent, most are not. Specifically:

  • Clicking the "Edit" button has started opening only the "Full" edit window. But even that window usually does not have the Side Panel showing, nor even a space for it. When that happens, the "Toggle Side Panel" does not work and clicking it simply makes it disappear! Sometimes, refreshing the window will cause the Side Panel to appear.
  • Occasionally, when the "Edit" button is clicked, both the "Quick" and the "Full" edit choices appear, but selecting the "Quick" choice, does nothing (even when the "Quick" edit text box is visible.
  • Quite often, the Font and Size popup lists fail to show their respective labels and are not selectable.
  • Many times some of the 'styling' buttons (Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.) are inoperative.

I suspect the problem is with the javascript engine in this latest version of Safari. But I am hoping that I can do at least a couple things by posting here.

  1. I can operate these same functions at this forum to verify that it is a browser/software combination.
  2. That the developers can notify Apple with considerably more impact than I, alone, could! smile.png
  3. Determine if there are any other IP board users experiencing the same behaviors. (Perhaps it's a problem with our hosting hardware/software. cry.png )

If this thread should be transferred to another area or if I have inadvertently abused the forum rules, please move or delete it, as necessary and accept my apologies. yes.gif

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