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Custom Block Creation in Hooks Management


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I've been trying to figure this one out but I've been wondering why IPS hasn't added custom block create for IPB, much like how you can create custom blocks in IP.Content. After trying to figure out the Custom Sidebar Block plugin, and discovering that the plugin doesn't allow for exported blocks to work wtithin the hook management center, I had fiddled around and realized that "parse block" commands created through IP.Content, can be added in the skin code and IPB will import IP.Content blocks.

However, the lack of of the ability to create custom blocks for the sidebar in IPB hooks/plugin management doesn't allow for this.

When you go into hooks management, it should be simple to be able to create a custom block (similar to how blocks are created in IP.Content) and then that would allow you to move or place your new block wherever you want to within the sidebar.

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