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Guys, what you've done in the current CKEditor is absolutely fantastic.

I have to admit that I used to hate RTE's and I was always "hardcoding" my bbcodes etc.

Even in 3.3 CKEditor, I was writing a post in it, then some times if there was complex formatting I was switching to the raw mode and corrected some things.

But now... There is no reason to do that. And this Live preview even of the codebox... I SO MUCH loved it. biggrin.png

Absolutely brilliant implementation. Congrats. And thanks for this great product you've brought to us. biggrin.png

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It's been a pet peeve of mine since it came out, and I agree 100% that Matt has done a fantastic job on this new version. If you hit the settings menu (upper right settings icon) you can also specify the default paste method to plain text. This is a very big improvement! :) Kudo's to Matt on this! :)

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