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(Wolf) RINPC-Tracker bridge


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File Name: (Wolf) RINPC-Tracker bridge

File Submitter: Wolfie

File Submitted: 11 Oct 2012

File Category: User and Social Engagement

With this hook, you can enable 'Reply Into New PC' within the Tracker application. It supports initial posts in issues and comments to issues.

The RINPC/Tracker settings are located in the Tracker/Global settings group.

You MUST have the Tracker application AND the 'Reply Into New PC' hook installed for this to work. If you don't have both installed, then this will be a useless hook.

This was made more to show how easy it is to add support to additional applications. If you have the 'Reply Into New PC' hook and are using 3rd party applications, you can request the author to include support in future releases so you can get more use out of both the hook and the application!

here to download this file

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