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Account and Billing Assistance on weekend (emergency ticket)


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Initially I opened a ticket with tech support because I couldn't access my board (redirected to parked domain).

Eventually Mark switched the ticket to "Account and Billing Assistance" because it looks like domain registration issue.
Are they active on weekend?

To add the insult to injury, for some reason I can't even login to http://invisiondomains.com/ to check my domain status because it doesn't recognize my valid ID and/or password.
When I try "Forgot password?" faetures it never sends me any email back.

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No one on the forums is going to be able to assist you with account support.

You're best course of action is to make sure your ticket is marked critical. If you're site is down, for whatever reason, it would be considered a critical ticket.

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My ticket was marked critical but I still don't know if it was switched to billing dept they are open on weekend.
I rather expect some of Staff members to answer my question.

..and yes there is something wrong with server names but as I said I can't even login to domain registration page.

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It was two-fold issue.

Domain name renewal was due last Friday but I never received any email notification.

When I found my board down Saturday morning I created emergency ticket and the reply suggested checking on domain name renewal.
However I couldn't login to domain name renewal page with correct ID and password.
The latter was corrected this morning but without any explanation what really happened.

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