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I Would Like to See Better SEO


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I'm afraid I wasn't no. Some people might laugh at that, but, you know, I'm learning.

I went to Google WT. It already had the site logged because I've done the process with Analytics. I sourced a tutorial on creating a sitemap because we didn't even have that done. It looked like this.


Even when I put the URL into Google search it doesn't show. So I'm assuming it'll take a little while for spiders to do whats required, but I've a feeling there's loads of other stuff that hasn't been done either. Any suggestions Brandon? And thank you man.

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There are a lot of things you can do for SEO. I recommend posting in the peer help forums, however checking webmaster tools periodically is a good first step, as it will highlight if there are any major issues, redirects that are trapping spiders, specific things you can do (like sitemaps) and so forth.

By the way, your image isn't showing for me right now.

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