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Problem with upgrade support tickets?


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I put in a request for an upgrade on Monday night, asking if the upgrade could possibly be Thurs or Friday whilst saying I'd put the board offline the night before.

On Wednesday, I received the usual disclaimer to reply to and the usual blurb about not being able to guarantee a date but that it's not usually a problem to do on a date of choice. After a couple more messages on the Thursday, I was told that the upgrade on Friday "shouldn't be a problem".

I put the board offline at 11pm Thursday night in readiness for the upgrade and uninstalled some old add-ons that we'd no longer be using as they've not been updated for 3.3.4. I waited all day Friday and y forum wasn't upgraded, and I've not heard a word since Thursday afternoon despite a couple of messages from me on Friday at lunchtime and in the evening.

In all the years IPB have done my upgrades, I've never had this before. They've always been so reliable and, more often than not, very helpful.

Is there some sort of problem, whether with being aware of responses in the ticketing system or something else?

I'm in the UK, where it's currently 2am. I can't keep awake any more to keep waiting in the hope I might hear something... As it's now the weekend, I'm fearful it might be Monday before I might hear something.... by which time the board will have been offline for 3 days without the upgrade, and I need a couple of days to do skin and add-on installs etc :sad:

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11 am Saturday morning in the UK, and not even so much as a courtesy message from IPB to say they couldn't do the upgrade yesterday after all?

In fact, NO messages from them at all since Thurs 1.45pm in reply to 3 of mine after that.

Never in the nearly 9 years I've been a customer, since IPB went paid that is, have I had this lack of ticket support.

Sorry to post like this but I'm stressed about it, and maybe someone from IPB will see this here if they're not reading tickets?

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Thanks Andy for taking the time to reply, I've always found you one of the most friendly and helpful here :smile:

If they don't do upgrades on weekends, then all the more reason for my annoyance. As I wrote in my OP, I first asked for it on Monday night (UK time) and asked if the upgrade could be Thurs or Fri, or even today if absolutely necessary. Ample advance notice I'd have thought? I got the usual response that they're not able to schedule a date but that they usually manage to do it on a preferred date anyway. So we agreed on Friday with the usual comment that it's not guaranteed but adding that "it shouldn't be a problem".

Not a word was said that Saturday would be out of the question as they don't do upgrades on weekends. I waited up till 2am last night (Friday). Not a word that they weren't able to do it after all. In fact, not a word from them at all for 48 hrs now in response to tickets from me during that time.

Their Service Standards page says: "you may use the management escalation feature to tag your ticket for management review if the issue is not being resolved properly." But, where is "the management escalation feature"? I can't find it...

If they don't do upgrades on the weekend, then I'm buggered. I closed the forum Thursday night in expectation of the upgrade as I've never once been let down before. I uninstalled old add-ons that aren't being developed or updated anymore to save me time doing so after the upgrade, so it's not as if I can re-open it with pie on my face whilst waiting for a response from IPB.

I guess I'm now left to try to upgrade it myself if I don't hear from them soon today. I've once done an upgrade myself, on a test site where I wouldn't care so much if it went belly-up as a result. Not quite the same as on a real site as it spooks me in case it goes wrong...

What's really got up my nose is the total lack of communication from IPB. Like I said earlier, at the very least a message out of courtesy to say they were unable to upgrade it yesterday should have been the way to go.

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You're welcome, I *try* to help where I can. :)

I obviously cannot comment on what was said or otherwise in a ticket, I cannot see them for one and as above am not staff. :) , although I'm sure upgrades are not done on a weekend, I could be wrong or it could of changed.

I'm not sure about the escalation feature, its not something I've been asked before to be honest. I'd assumed it was a custom field or checkbox. If you are able to edit the ticket title change it to "ATTN: Management" but post a reply first, that would be my initial suggestion but hopefully a member of staff will respond today regardless.

I would suggesting holding off until they reply if you're not comfortable doing the upgrade yourself. If you do plan to go ahead please take a full backup beforehand, problems are actually very rare but its usually quicker to restore a backup than finish an incomplete upgrade, depending on the cause obviously.

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