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About the upcoming changes in the IPS CS structure


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When 4.0 is finally released, the Forums app won't be required any longer. Will it still be kept in the 'applications' folder or will it be moved to "applications_addon/ips"? Or will the IPS apps be moved to 'applications' and 3rd party applications going to 'applications_other'?

Just wondering what the planned structure is at this point (even though it might change before 4.0 is released). On the one hand it seems inconsistent to leave the structure as-is when Forums is supposed to step out of the spotlight to share with the other apps. On the other hand, it seems sort of a waste to have a folder with only two subfolders in it (core/members) as well as potentially breaking some mods (of course, that would likely be due to hard-coding instead of using API's).

So any plans on what will be happening or is that still up in the air? Personally I wouldn't mind all IPS apps being in a folder like "applications" or "applications_ips" and 3rd party apps going in "applications_other", so everything is moved up by one level. Would seem to make sense (to me) that way but I know that there might be other factors where a different direction would make more sense.

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