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'Add to my Calendar' function


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IP.Calender events should have a function to easily add an event to your

  • Outlook calendar
  • Google calendar
  • Yahoo calendar
  • iCAL.

This can be added similar to this example. See the 'add to my calendar' link at the right side, under the map. Clicking this makes 4 links appear to add the event to the calendar of your choice. This function will make sure that users are notified about the IP.Calendar event, which causes more users to come back to the site.
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Thats great news. Please make it so that its clear to the user that they can add the event to Outlook, Yahoo, Google calendars.

It very nice that iCal is available right now, but if the user does not know what that means (and most people have no clue what iCal is), then a very useful function stays under the radar.

I would like to suggest to change the current 'download as iCal' link to something similar as on the eventbright site. That way its instantly clear what the function is about.

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