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Please add account history log to IPS: extremely useful functionality


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I'm strongly considering to migrate my big board to IPS. One of the functions that I miss in IPS is an account history log. This is a function my staff and I use every day to resolve support issues.

The account history log keeps track of all changes to an account. The staff can therefore see if, when and by whom:

  • the username was changed
  • email addresses changed
  • usergroups where changed, added, promoted, demoted, automatically or not.
  • bans took place
  • accounts were merged
  • email bounced and deactivated the account
  • subscriptions started, ended
  • etc.

Such information is crucial when resolving a support request. For example the frequently asked questions:
Why doesn't my account work?
Why is my account demoted?
Why are my subscription functions gone?
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