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When using the reputation point system, its not possible to remove points (like it is when using the like system)
Many users complain when using mobile/pads that its easy to press the give reputation point by accident. Then its not possible to remove it again.

So I get 3-6 PM a week with members that wish to remove points they not indented to give. Very annoying that I have to switch to the like system before they can removed (unlike) it.

Not everyone wish to use the like system, so this should be fixed

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Emm.. are you talking about users that are surfing you board with IP.Board Mobile skin?
If so, near every message you have an icon that when you press him it'll give a reputation point. right?
But if you by mistake pressed that button, it's getting replaced by another icon, which has X in it. If you press it you'll "take back" that reputation point.
So what's the problem with that? your users are too lazy to press again, heh?
But still, if you are using IP.Board Mobile, and you still don't want this button but still want this rep system to be active, you can disable this button
by removing it's HTML or changing the CSS so it won't show it.

If you want to disable this button in the CSS, just get into:
ACP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Templates & CSS (on IP.Board Mobile) -> CSS
Edit ipb_styles.css
search for this class:

.ipsLikeButton_enabled, .ipsLikeButton_disabled {

width: 26px;

height: 26px;

display: block;

text-indent: -2000em;

position: relative;

top: 3px; right: 10px;

background-image: url({style_images_url}/like_unlike.png );

background-repeat: no-repeat;


after this line:

background-repeat: no-repeat;

just add:

display: none;

and save ;)
You won't see this button anymore in the IP.Board Mobile, but you'll still see it on the regular skin.

Hope it'll help you.

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