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Rep filter improvements and a reputation floor/ceiling.


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I have a couple suggestions in regards to the positive/negative reputation system.

The first one is in regards to the rep filter. Honestly, in its current state, I think this function is almost useless. Why? Well, to start..

That's a pretty huge list, and no post on my forum has anywhere near +100 reputation.

The reputation levels here are literally just copied from your boards set reputation levels.

Why though? Reputation levels aren't levels meant to be obtained from a single posts reputation count, they're levels for the sum of reputation you've gained across the entire forum. So why would you rely on that list for the reputation threshold on posts to hide?

My suggestion is to replace this with a reputation setting. Let us define a threshold to hide posts, then simply let users choose whether or not to hide poorly rated posts themselves.

You could probably word it better than "negative posts," but that's the best I could come up with off the top of my head.

My second suggestion is one I'm more skeptical about. Adding an optional ceiling and/or floor for reputation. Meaning a single post can not exceed or drop bellow a certain reputation threshold. I consider this idea more useful to prevent a single post made by a user from dropping bellow -10 reputation, for example. People say stupid things sometimes. These people are also more likely to be attacked for those stupid things than be praised for all the good they've done. This would simply prevent a user from taking too much damage for one post.

There are a two ways I can think of that this would work. One, if a user tries to downvote a post that has -10 reputation (as an example), they'll get a notification saying this post has reached its threshold and cannot be downvoted any more in the same fashion that they'd get a notification after exceeding their daily reputation limits. Two, the posts reputation level is simply frozen. The reputation buttons for it disappear. It cannot gain or loose any more reputation. It is effectively locked and frozen at -10.

My first suggestion is something I've wanted for a long time. I posted a suggestion for this once before, but literally got no feedback. Maybe it's because not many people still use the "old" positive/negative reputation system, but this is something that I think many communities that still do use the old system would greatly appreciate. This, to me, is actually one of the main benefits to using a positive/negative reputation system.

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I feel the same, I have not really changed IPS simply because they do not pay attention to small details, which are too large for many people ... should be aware that every community should have a very positive reputation system and negative, in which it currently lacks IPS.

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Last self-bump before I give up and venture out to publishing a hook/application or code modifications of my own to do this.

I really think this suggestion deserves much more attention, but I guess so few people use the old reputation system now that no one really cares

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Reputation plays a central role on my big board. If a users reputation goes below -30 then their permissions are limited and if their reputation goes below -100 then they are automatically banned. This basically makes the community moderators and saves a lot of workload.

If a user breaches the rules, the law in a massive way, then this will generally cause a rain of negative reputation. I certainly would not want to limit this.

On the other hand: if a user spends weeks to write down an excellent comprehensive & helpful article, then positive reputation will keep coming over the years. Simply because the article is of immense value to readers. Why should the real pearls on a website not be awarded more than the average good post? I would not want to limit that either. Else people will just cut up a good post and put it into many posts. Which would make it less useful.

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