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problem with memory

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we have a problem and do not know how to resolve it

before Just 1 day we have transfer the site to a new server, from the time we opened our site to the new server can not go into forums and i see this error via php logs

Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2058678 bytes)

The problem is that we have tried all increased prices to see which will work but still without any success

we use 128M is recommended by ipb official but 256, 512 etc

but unfortunately nothing

However, if you disable all hooks the forum opens normally, but the old server does not have this problem

You have no idea what might be happening?

PS: we use 3.2.3 ipb

Thanks in advance and any help appreciated

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Basically now our site we have in offline mode

but about the active users should be about 200 to 300

day in about 1500 to 2000

But at this time is offline

Function that you say "performance mode" we have not worked never and i don't know about it

If use "performance mode" we will see some conclusions that help us maybe

we had not never some similar problem

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I moved this to the server management and optimization section... as it's more leaning toward that's the issue...

There is a link for performance mode on your ACP dashboard... All it really does is disable all hooks and 3rd party apps and strips the suite down to core functionality...

It would help determine if a 3rd party app or hook was causing the issue...

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Basically as I stated in my first post tried disabling all the hooks, but no from there you say "performance mode" but in the system hooks, and forum can to entered

but old server this problem we had not

what can to not keep up with the new server!!!

it is very strange!

Since as we have tried to disable all the hooks, to try and as you say

Thanks for your time

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