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Is the IPB team reading this forum regularly?


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Hi there,

I mean absolutely no offense, but I was wondering if the team is reading this forum regularly?

I made a number of feature requests, and I really think that some of them are very important (they come from the feedback of my community, which is pretty important with 3 million posts).

But sadly, I never had a feedback on that suggestions from the team :sad:

... and I must forget some of them :smile:
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We are :)

Most of the developers here read every suggestion that's posted. Naturally though we're not in a position to be able to comment whether or not an individual feature will or will not be added to the product. We develop updates in cycles and decide as a team which features will be added when we're planning a cycle.

Normally I reply to topics if I think an idea is unfeasible to point out why, so generally speaking, if nobody replies it's a pretty good indication that we have nothing to add :)

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