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About No Longer Needing a Forum to run Gallery ,etc


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I remember reading something about how you will no longer need to have the "core" forums to run the add-on products. If the Blog, Download Manager and Gallery no longer require the forum files. Does this mean we could move those products to subdomains?

As of right now my site is set up like this......

www.mysite.com <-----IP Content Root

community.mysite.com <-------IP Board

community.mysite.com/gallery/ <--------IP Gallery

community.mysite.com/blogs/ <--------IP Blogs

community.mysite.com/files/ <--------IP Downloads

What I am thinking about is......

www.mysite.com <-----IP Content Root

community.mysite.com <-------IP Board

gallery.mysite.com <--------IP Gallery

blogs.mysite.com <--------IP Blogs

downloads.mysite.com <--------IP Downloads

Would this be possible with the direction that the new licenses are going?

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