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[embedly] BBCode?

KT Walrus

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I'd like to see support for WordPress's embed.ly service. I envision a button in the editor to allow the user to paste in a URL and see a preview of the embed and then, if acceptable to the poster, paste the embed into the input text (possibly using a new [embedly] BBCode).

I would want the embed HTML generated and inserted into the post text when it is stored in the database rather than waiting for the post text to be processed for display (since embedly is a paid service that requires an account).

This could completely replace you having to maintain embed codes for Youtube, etc.

If IPS wants to make a little extra off this feature, you could do a deal with WordPress to bulk resell their service for IPB users (like upcoming CDN service). You could also bundle WordPress' Gravatar service in this deal so that IPB could upload Gravatars directly rather than making the user go to Gravatar's site directly. And, you could support forum specific Gravatars rather than just the global avatar attached to a user's email address.

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