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[Feature request] Displaying all the topics of sub-forums


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Hi there,

It would be really nice to have the option to display all the sub-forums topics in their parent forum.

For instance :
Let's say you have a Sport forum, which is configured with the "Treat as a category" option. Direct topic submission is therefore not allowed in that forum.

This Sport forum contains several sub-forums ; let's say "Football", "Tennis", "Swimming" and "Other sports".

--> It would be really cool to have the option to display all the topics of the sub-forums in the Sport forum: it avoids to click on every sub-forum to read new posts.
And when a member wants to create a topic, he would be asked in which sub-forum he would like to add it.

What do you think of that ?

Thanks for reading :)

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Yes, this would be fantastic! How about an option to either:

[*]show them below the subforums, like topics do now if its not just a container forum, or [*]have them show up in a block on the right, like the recent forum topics, except with a title like "Recent topics in these subforums"

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