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A request in my Tracker for shoutbox is to allow the user to set their preference for;

  • Font
  • Size
  • Colour
  • (there's an etc at this point but the above three seem to be the only reasonable ones)

So how do I set these in the editor? Next is how can I grab the permitted settings so that I can then let the user select and save?

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I also hope this will never happen for the text editor (this is the same thing I say every time it comes up). I like that users have to work to change their font if they want to. If people could set defaults the amount of different fonts, colors, and sizes would get really annoying really fast.

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Just out of curiosity, why not? I would like to know your opinion on this and what the disadvantages that this would bring.

Giving ability to customise their posts is OK. Users customise their posts way less so the thread style looks better. But if they have ability to set colours default , board will look in a mess and will be very hard to read. It will surely lower the activity on boards imo

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