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Please provide a better way to edit settings across multiple forums, groups etc.


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Hi, one of the things that really bothers me is the way we have to check certain settings etc. by going into each and every group and then change them as appropiate. This is a really time consuming task and in most situations it makes us have a lot of settings set to the wrong things without us ever noticing.

For simplicity sake I'm simply gonna refer to the forum settings, but I want the same kind of control in group and other app setting areas like them.

I have two suggestions to make this is much simpler affair:

1. Make a sort of 'default forum settings forum' (this will be hidden on the public side) and let us be able to change those defaults ourselves. The other forums will then use the defaults unless otherwise defined. If another setting than the default for a item is defined, it's of course possible to click a "reset" button.

2. Make us able to click on a button besides every setting, and that will take us to a new page with an overview for that setting.

Let's say I clicked the button for the setting "Disable Tagging" when viewing a specific forums settings. Here's an example of how such a page would "function".

Setting overview for setting Disable Tagging (Yes/No)

Default: Yes (This will be used when no specific setting for the forum is defined)

- Example forum: Yes (Inherited from default) [Yes/No]

- Test forum: No [Reset to default?] [Yes/No]

--- Child forum: No [Reset to default?] [Yes/No]

- A fourth forum: Yes [Reset to default?] [Yes/No]

[Save changes]

You would of course be able to reset the settings to the defined default or change them as you'd like and then save the setting. It would then update the same setting for all the forums.

I really hope you will add this in some form.

Thanks for reading. :)
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2. Make us able to click on a button besides every setting, and that will take us to a new page with an overview for that setting.

I like this idea. Sometimes I accidentally have settings different on two forums when they should be identical. This would be a quick way to make sure all forums have the correct settings applied without having to look at each one individually.
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I just would want to bump this as I really wish this will be easier in the next version.

When you want to change a setting in say 90 of 120 forums, then it's not a trivial change in the current system. Neither is if you would want to change all of them.

Or you wish to review and maybe change the allowed upload size for all groups.

And I could go on.

I realize it would take long time to change regardless, but if there was an intuitive interface for editing a single setting across multiple "item parents" (forums, groups etc.) then it would be considerable faster to manage and review current settings.

And you could also make child forums automatically inherit the parent forum setting, unless it's explicitly set to "yes", "no" or "inherit board default".

Please, please, please.

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