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Deleting PM's doesn't delete attachments


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I would almost call this a bug but I thought I would post it here as feedback.

When you delete personal messages any attachments to those messages are not deleted. The only way they can be removed is if the member in question manually deletes the files by going into their settings and going to "Manage my attachments". The ACP function to remove orphaned attachments only removes orphaned forum attachments not personal message attachments.

I've just done this for myself where I had 150 pages of attachments going back over a few years (as an admin I've given myself unlimited attachments). I was horrified to find attachments for pm's that I had deleted long ago mixed in with my forum attachments.

So my suggestion would be that the remove orphaned attachments clean up function in the ACP also work with pm attachments.


Nigel / 3DKiwi

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