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suggestion: please add the ability to save a post as DRAFT (like in wordpress)


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i frequently find myself writing long posts with lots of screenshots attached to the post (here's a sample). As the posts sometimes take a few days to complete i find myself starting something and then having to go to sleep, with the post still in 'not yet submitted' mode. In the morning when i click on preview post the text i've entered is all still there but none of the attachments and i have to manually add every single one back in again and then continue on with my post. This results in a massive waste of time. Yes I could post the post and then HIDE it but that is NOT a nice solution as if the post takes me three days to write then once it's complete and ready to be shown to the public it won't show up in 'todays active posts' as it's not posted Today... (but rather yesterday or three days ago or whatever).

I hope you see my point, In wordpress I can stop editing whenever I want and click on SAVE as draft, this means i can return to the post from any computer and resume where i left off and later Submit the post when i'm complete without having to mess around with hiding/un-hiding the post.

please tell me you'll consider adding this feature as it's really nice to have (in wordpress.)

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