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Download: Forum Media System


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File Name: Forum Media System
File Submitter: CodingJungle
File Submitted: 10 Sep 2012
File Category: Modifications

This file will be removed once the one without the renewal gets approved, any purchases will be transferred to the new one.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the modification that will change your life. With this modification you will no longer need other third party apps, or even other IPS products to handle a media system, this turns the forum application already default with your IPB purchase into a media system, to display latest videos on board index and to go through pages and pages of previous videos, so what are you waiting for? want to know more, keep reading:


  • follows forums permissions
  • group based submissions allowance
  • select what forums to grab videos from
  • creates new video from topic or reply or both (enable or disable in the settings)
  • grabs title, description, and thumbnail directly from service of the media file (will resize thumbnail using GD library so that is a must, and saves resized image)
  • supports all default IPB media tags (also supports the blip.tv media tag found in the market, as I myself like blip).
  • easy modal window pop up to view video, size of modal setting in acp settings
  • easy link to the discussion forum for video
  • displays X amount of latest video submissions on board index (amount can be changed in settings).
  • display more videos (displays X amount of videos based on per page setting in acp, also pagination to go back further)
  • delete topic or post, deletes video as well (so it no longer displays on board index or more videos).
  • moves topic or post? will move video discussion url to match.
  • made a new topic forgot video? don't worry, will also grab videos from an edit if the forum and user group are allowed
  • decide to remove video from a topic or post? still no worries, will remove video as well.
  • this system will continue to work as intended, with any text above or below the video, it only seeks out the media links in the topic/post data

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it will handle mp3's as that is a media tag for default IPB, it will just place a default thumbnail for it, and you can manipulate the language strings so it doesn't say "recent videos" or "more videos". as for images, after spend most of the day making a mod for gallery, my first thought was "i despise this, so this might be added to the forum media system", the ability to grab images as well, so this might be something added in an update later on.

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