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Simple suggestion for the new RTE: Don't parse backgrounds


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I don't really like creating an entire thread for such a simple suggestion, but I couldn't find another thread to post in.

I know the RTE is getting many improvements soon, but I figured I'd throw in this one simple suggestion if it hasn't already been factored in.

If at all possible, I believe the RTE should not parse the background color from copied text. If you copy text from a website with a dark background, you get this on your forum.

If someone simply copies text from another post while using a dark theme on your site, it will still show that dark background for anyone using a different theme. This is extraordinarily annoying. I've had to fix the formatting of countless posts on my forum because of it.

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Alternatively, can't you also just remove or disable the background-color bbcode? I don't think anyone really uses it anyway.

I think though this should work for you too.

As Matt stated in that topic, 3.4 may resolve this on it's own.

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After actually going about and testing this, simply disabling the background bbcode will not work, as the RTE doesn't care whether or not you have it enabled or not. It will still try and parse it as so,

[background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]You can tweak permissions, so only super-moderators/admins can see it. If that helps, see this tutorial [/background]here[background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]. [/background]

So the only way I can see about effectively going about this would be to have the option to disable the RTE itself from parsing background colors.

On that note, I think it might also be logical to avoid parsing font colors as well. Since if you're copying text from a site with a white background and pasting it into your forums black background, you're going to get black on black text without having the ugly white background behind your pasted content.

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This has been implemented.

Awesome! Glad to hear it. That alone makes me hate the RTE a lot less. Being that my community actually makes heavy use of dark templates, this was something of a semi-frequent issue.

Looking forward to all the improvements 3.4.0 should bring.
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