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Download: Diablo 3 Vanguard v2 [codegame.net]


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to remove this go to ACP > Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates > Manage Templates in Diablo 3 Vanguard

in CSS > ipb_styles.css

Find: #branding

and delete this line:

background: url({style_images_url}/_custom/bra.png) no-repeat center bottom; 

Next find code: #backtotop

there is

display: inline-block; 

change to

display: none; 

and save

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So I bought the skin, it's quite nice, could you tell me how to fix this? It's an IP.Content Site Poll block, the vote bars go outside the block.


Whoops, found it :)

ipb_styles.css -> .progress_bar.topic_poll

Width was set to 500px. Set it to 200px, seems to be a good value.

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