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Tapatalk Forum Application plugin for IPBoard 3.4


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File Name: Tapatalk Forum Application plugin for IPBoard 3.4

File Submitter: tapatalk

File Submitted: 29 Aug 2012

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x


What is Tapatalk?

Tapatalk is an IPBoard MOD that allows your users to browse your forum using a native mobile application.
Tapatalk supports iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
It provides super-fast access to your forum and allows your members to participate more in your forum while on the go.

Why Tapatalk?

  • Only one MOD installation to support all mobile devices including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Forum API - build your own app or server-side integration with well-documented Tapatalk API, enjoy quality forum app from third-party developers, beyond what Tapatalk internal team can offer.
  • Well-tested. This MOD has been installed in over 60000 forums, including some of the very large forums with 2 million members with over 10,000 online users. This app is designed to scale

Installation Instruction:

here to download this file

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Hmmm, Tapatalk in free version doesn't work with Google Analytics. Only Premium version works with this. Price 3499 USD (!!!!!!!!) Why I should pay 3499 bucks for so basic thing like Google Analytics code? Sorry but this is ridiculous.

It is ridiculous but keep in mind, they are a business trying to make money. That assumed price is ment for corporations. The permissions that are used here are intended if you only want certain usergroups to access various parts of the forum from there phone. That portion is not intended for banner permissions.
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And also, that amount of money is to completely call it your app. They are basically selling you there software, which for that price isnt bad. But I do wish they did have google intergration, even though they do have there own way to track people.

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