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Mobile skin post options buttons should be rearranged.


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After accidentally deleting five posts, I decided I should bring it up.

As it is now, this is the order of the buttons when you tap a post:

Delete happens to be where Quote would be at for posts that are not your own, if you aren't an Admin/Moderator. I would love to see Delete and Quote switch places so things like accidentally deleting a post while on Mobile does not happen anymore.

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Totally in support for this.

It's not very user friendly currently. Buttons that doesn't show up as often shouldn't steal the placement of more used buttons.

I believe you could say the same problem is present for Quote - Edit, but clicking the Edit-button by mistake isn't as crucial.

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A confirm dialog would work. Pretty sure there's one for deleting other things, such as status updates already. Having a confirm dialog would be useful on full and mobile.

If a hide button was added, while useful, it would make the area seem very busy. I'm sure there's a way they could figure out how to add the hide option by combining it with delete into one button. I have an idea how it could look, but I can't put it into words, or make a visual at the moment.

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