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cpanel vs plesk

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Whether or not your host will transfer anything for you is up to your host. It doesn't matter what panel either provides unless it's specific to their terms.

Will it be okay? If done properly, yes.

Plesk sucks by the way in comparison to cPanel. This is not a subjective statement.

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cpanel to cpanel is really easy because cpanel provides the interface to do so (via whm). This allows the companies accepting clients have a very easy time to migrating clients in from other cpanel. But generally, as supporting migration is a big key to raking in more clients, many do offer migration regardless of panels, though I have seen some only accept cPanel -> cPanel migrations.

From plesk to cpanel is really no different than from no control panel to cpanel. It must be done manually.

Migration is just a one time thing. If you want to make the choice, you really should consider the value of plesk vs value of cpanel/whm. And quite frankly, I think cpanel/whm still wins rather easily. At the same time, I think Plesk's greatest value is that they've been improving a lot. And at this pace, they might actually become better than cpanel. And it looks nice...

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