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Android App/Mobile Chat

Alex Abraham

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Is there a way to get chat up ad running from an Android phone? Here are a few ideas that i have and i wonder if it is possible to do any of them:

1) IRC Client

Android has many IRC Client apps and if i can get an address for the chat room maybe i can Log In from an IRC Client app and chat through my Android phone with an easy to use interface. This would be the ideal solution :)

Here are a few links to Android IRC Clients:





2) Mobile Chat Room on the site

If it is not possible to get an IRC address to use with an IRC Client, it would be good to at least have chat room functionality on the mobile site. I have the mobile site set up but if i want to get to the chat room i need to switch over to the full site first. It works but the user interface is terrible as it is not designed for a mobile phone :P

Please someone get back to me with any ideas/comments :)

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