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Download: Arabic language pack for 3.3.4 and Its applications

Dr Coder

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File Name: Arabic language pack for 3.3.4 and Its applications

File Submitter: Dr Coder

File Submitted: 18 Aug 2012

File Category: Language Packs

This is the translation for IPB 3.3.4 and its app this translation contain a full XML file named language. XML contain all the translation

also there is a separate file for each app

This is app version

IP.Board 3.3.4
IP.Blog 2.5.2
IP.Calendar 3.3.1
IP.Chat 1.4.1
IP.Content 2.3.2
IP.Downloads 2.5.1
IP.Gallery 4.2.1

For translation For 3.4.3 vist this Link
For translation For 3.4.3 With Tashkeel vist this Link

here to download this file

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well, it was in 3.14 or 3.05 days but IPS technical support indicated that installing language packs had been known to completely screw up boards, and it certainly did that with ours ...

maybe with the new structure, that doesn't happen anymore ... I don't know. I know I would love to install a bunch of language packs since we have in international community but I have been really gun shy after that experience.

[edit] to be more specific, the problem was

problems with im/export of application languagepacks (overwrites ALL languagepacks, ...)

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The language is installed successfully, but when I activate it, a lot of buttons loses its text !!!

Also some words in the main page like : ( Forums, Members, Blogs ....etc ) still display in English.

Would you please help me ?

could you please tell me examples for the missing text also about the Forums and Members this is application you translate it from ACP it is not included in language app

1) Go to ACP > Applications & Modules > Manage Applications & Modules.

2) Click the app you want to change the title

3) Change the "Application Public Title" to what you want it to say.
Save changes and you're done.
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These are samples:
الادارة العامة
لوحة تحكم المراقبين
They are in the main website page, the text is not visible any more.
Also in the ACP, the menus:
Members .... etc
it is not visible also, add to it also sub menus in skin sets.

One more question: if I find one or two words that needs translation that is left by this translation, what is the quickest way to translate them?

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the ajax functions don't work, i can't choose other language, in finnish, i will reinstall all the hole forum !

This is java problem not language problem

close Minify CSS and JS option and it will be solved and by the way to can uninstall language without re installing the forum

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