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Time BBCode

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File Name: Time BBCode

File Submitter: Marcher Technologies

File Submitted: 16 Aug 2012

File Category: Other style options

This BBCode Will allow a unix timestamp, given with a format, to be parsed to IPB formatting options. Manual format is forbidden(not supported). 'Relative' Time Formatting is not applied, user offset is, with post caching this can be slightly off to reflect the poster. Primary Immediate usage is formatting posted Topics Supporting BBCode Formatting from other Applications only providing the raw timestamp.

joined: [time=joined]1345094991[/time]

long: [time=long]1345094991[/time]

date: [time=date]1345094991[/time]

tiny: [time=tiny]1345094991[/time]

short: [time=short]1345094991[/time]

A 3.4 Compatible file is Available Listed as Time_BBcode_34.zip, if using 3.3 continue to use Time_BBcode.zip, if upgrading you will need to upload Time_BBcode_34.zip /upload/ contents.

here to download this file

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