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(e32) Points Per Subscription

(e) Eric

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File Name: (e32) Points Per Subscription

File Submitter: (e) Eric

File Submitted: 15 Aug 2012

File Category: User and Social Engagement

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x

Purchase subscriptions with points. An ibEconomy Plug-in.

Version 0.0.2

This version REQUIRES IPB 3.2+, Subscriptions Manager, and ibEconomy 2.1.1+.

Main Settings:

  • On/Off
  • Use ibEconomy Group Percentage Adjustment?
  • Which ibEconomy tab to display the page on
  • Name of page

Group/Subscription Settings:
  • Group Allowed?
  • Subscription Enabled?
  • Subscription Cost

here to download this file

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No, that didn't fix it.

  • Uninstalled hook.
  • Reinstalled hook.
  • Set up subscription packages and cost in the settings page.
  • Checked to see if I had permissions to view the premium membership thing (Can Purchase Subscriptions For Points) Yes, I do.
  • Go to the economy home page.
  • Click Shop.
  • Nothing but All Categories and All items. Neither of which contain the subscriptions for points thing.

That's what I did in that order.
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Try recaching your ibEconomy and your skins and such.

Also, try placing it in another ibEconomy tab.

Have you tried any other ibEconomy plug-in that comes with it's own page?

And double check that all the files in the upload folder were in deed uploaded to the proper locations on your server.

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Recaching worked perfectly. It's appearing however there's another problem (Marked in red)

It displays this in the shop:

  • Gold VIP - 1 Month - $100.00
    Duration: 1 days· Group: Golden Member
  • Gold VIP - 12 months - $1200.00
    Duration: 12 days· Group: Golden Member

What's even more worrying is that a package set to never expire says the duration is 0 days. It's set up in IP.Subscriptions correctly, as the durations for each package is correct.
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No, sorry. I didn't explain it properly my apologies. The problem with the highlighted text is: (Bold text shows how long it actually is, red text shows the error)

For example 1 month shows as 1 day(s) in the subscriptions. 12 months shows as 12 days in the subscriptions. And yes the plural for days is off. It should be 1 Month shows as 28/30/31 days or just 1 month. 12 months should be shown as 365/366 days or 12 months, or 1 year. Does this clarify what I am saying?

>_< Sorry, I know, I'm dreadful at expressing my voice in text.

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