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Download: Elite Ladders SSO


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File Name: Elite Ladders SSO
File Submitter: JLogica
File Submitted: 15 Aug 2012
File Category: Generic Tools

Single Sign On for Elite Ladders snippet from their site;

Elite Ladders - Leagues, tournaments and online game battles script

Elite Gaming Ladders, the world's leading supplier of online game battle, ladder and tournament scripts, continues to evolve with the release of EGL Advanced, with much additional programming and many features added. Contact us to discuss your requirements and show you how an Elite Ladders gaming script can take your gaming project to the next level.

Please note until Elite Ladders releases a patch for SSO processing support you will need to rename/replace one core file.

Click here to download this file
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It is SSO not groups, as far as I can see in EL there are only three levels and they are maintained by the system. I think you should be looking at EL operation before asking questions about SSO.

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I have the elite ladders installed on a subdomain of the main site, and i uploaded the SSO files and it's re-directing to the IPB install. I do have a redirect since I'm not using IP.Content for my main page, but even when I removed that re-direct so that the main page was IP.Content again I still go the issue. I was logged in as well, so it's not like it was asking me to login.

Is this not compatible with subdomains? Or what could be causing the issue?


I tried having my friend take a look at it to see why it could be re-directing but he isn't too familiar with IPB so he said it was best to just ask you.

Thanks for your help.

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I have asked for this to be removed until the authors can see their way clear to provide me with an unencoded version to work out the session poisoning that seems to occur after an initial login, which works, but then subsequent ones send the system into a spin.

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Thanks to Danny and three total rewrites of the SSO code it seems to work now, the problem (well one of them) is that ipBoard & EL were having issues, I tried to use the ipBoard API's to handle the processing but they really cooked stuff.

The SSO is available on JLogica only at the moment if you have issues please report via a ticket with ftp/acp access so I can look at it.

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I don't have the website completed yet but it IS up and running. Just don't have all the ladders and tournaments set up.

If you want to test it out please feel free, just register on my website AND then click the link that I posted above.

One thing that does seem to be a little finicky is for some reason IPB doesn't like certain characters/numbers in passwords. So if you are getting an "invalid login" try changing the password. Other than that, everything has been working as expected. And JLogica was a GREAT help with it!

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