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Guidance needed in server selection (or moving to VPS) and sustain all my hardwork

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Current situation

My Cpanel says-

If Backups ran now, your account would NOT be backed up
8354.76 MB /20,000MB
131802 /100,000(Files)

I am on shared hosting and pay around $10 per month, as the no of files ( inodes ) are more then 100,000, they will not take routine back up for me...

Some additional important points
Total adsense revenue in last three months is 24$ only (very poor)
Additionally I Pay every 6 month Renewal fee of IPS Software = all addons

Statcounter stats are on bottom of page which shows its opened 2,000,000 views so far
60 thousands posts
23 thousand images

Coming back to main question > shifting to VPS will be around 40$ per month....
So now how to take decesion.... and what configuration should i go for ???.. I have my services on Hostgator

Atleast i want to run my site on break even.....and I really miss the viral (social invite feature)


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If you want, you can also opt for pruning as your solution rather than upgrading if funds are insufficient and only disk space is of concern. Delete old images, attachments, or even shrink images like someone else asked for somewhere...

If you are set on a vps and on a shoe-string budget, I suggest you get an unmanaged vps. This will save you a lot of money compared to HG. And since HG has been bought by EIG, I would hesitate even staying there to begin with...

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Hi Dudz
Thanks for the suggestion , it would be of great help.....
But for me the concern more is for number of files (inodes) , for every image we upload in Gallery , IPS creates four images of it..... I have 23,000+ images
so total inodes on my file server are more then 100,000 and that is the concern for me...

Will IM you my email ..

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Inodes count aside, I take it that you are not experiencing any CPU or RAM resource issues with your site? From the look of spicyflavours.net (I assume that's the site in question, as its gallery has 23+ thousand images like you mentioned), moving up to a VPS or dedicated server would be overkill.

With HostGator, it's totally fine to have over 100,000 inodes provided you don't care that they don't back your account's files up anymore; that's the only difference it makes to your service with them. This can easily be mitigated by setting up off-site backups of your own with a company like ServerSync.

At 250,000 inodes, however, you will breach their ToS and be eligible for an account suspension. If you expect to reach that level in the foreseeable future (it does sound like you're heading in that direction), moving to a host that doesn't limit your inode usage would be your best bet, and it should be totally doable for $10/month with your traffic levels. At least HostGator uses cPanel, which makes shuttling between hosts a cinch. :smile:

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